Advending Auctions is proud to be offering an unprecendented example of American History. On the morning of December 7th, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, kickstarting America's involvement in WWII. This rare, unique collection of items follows one soldier's steps from the attack all the way through his deployment to Japan during the occupation. Mr. Gaynos' story starts out at Hickman Field on Oahu where he recounts the events of that day in a personal telegraph, dated December 7th, 1941, to his parents-

"It was Sunday, one of those sundays that you are glad to be alive and all the world seems to lie
quietly awaiting the arrival of a busy week ahead . It was a while I lay stretched out on my bunk
thinking how I would spend the coming day that I was suddenly shaken almoust out of bed by
the loudest most terrifying roar I have ever heard. I leaped to the window of out[r] barracks and
seen huge billowing clouds of smoke rising from the direction of Pearl Harbor."

He goes on to describe the horrific events all around him, to tell, in detail, what it was like to be engulfed in the attack, and to be personally gunned down by a Japanese Zero. It was this plane that released a bomb over his head to destroy the precious communication equipment Mr. Gaynos was heroically attempting to recover so communication could be preserved between Washington D.C. and General Macarthur's base in the Philippines. The Torpedo landed and exploded, sending shrapnel in every direction. The piece of shrapnel on display here is a piece off of that very bomb, carried back by Mr. Gaynos himself as a souvenir of that day.

To compliment this piece of history, we are including several important items that give this item incredible provenance. Two newspaper clippings including Mr. Gaynos' quotes and stories. A picture of Mr. Gaynos many years later when he had been promoted to colonel and served at the Vandenberg AFB during the nations ICBM development (check our catalog for other items pertaining to this). And two untouched photo albums featuring the Gaynos' family as they served in Occupied Japan under General Macarthur.


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